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Rating: G
Word count: 473
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em; I just play with them. 

Yunho wants very badly to make Jaejoong happy. But, every once and a while, he fails.

He’s never quite sure of what it is he does wrong, but he’s pretty sure it has to do with Jaejoong constantly needing to be the center of attention.

Like a good leader, Yunho tries to keep this fact in mind. When the MC asks him who in the group he’d marry if he were a woman, he picks Jaejoong just to ensure that someone does. Jaejoong beams and Yunho feels as if he’s done his job well.

When asked what he wants to do when Dong Bang Shin Ki is over, he replies with dreams of a wife and 25 children. Jaejoong bites his lip in that way he does when he’s hurt, and Yunho quickly adds that he would still want to be a part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, still would want to be with these four forever. The bitten lip quirks up into a shy smile and it’s another job well done.

The filming runs late and during the ride home the members search for sleep, reclining uncomfortably in the back seat of their van. Jaejoong is slumped against him, his warm breath puffing gently onto the skin of his neck, and a finger tracing the hem of Yunho’s shirt.

"Thank you for picking me," he whispers. His voice sounds soft and sleepy and Yunho smiles, affection for his members filling his heart.

"You’re welcome," he answers back. "It was a dumb question really."

Jaejoong doesn’t answer and Yunho thinks it’s because he’s finally drifted off to sleep. He shifts so that they’re lying more comfortably against each other and closes his eyes to follow after.

"Why do you think that?" Jaejoong asks a moment later. Yunho feels the words against his skin more than he hears them.

"I’m not a woman," he answers simply. He gives a soft chuckle before continuing. "Personally, I wouldn’t want to marry any of you."

Jaejoong’s breath stills with a short gasp of air. It resumes a moment later with a gulp and a quiet hesitation.

"I would marry you," he says softly.

Yunho dismisses Jaejoong’s declaration with a drowsy wave of his hand.

"We’re both men, Joongie."

"I would marry you," Jaejoong repeats. His voice is firm. Final.

Yunho looks over, Jaejoong’s shining eyes the only thing he can make out in the jumbled darkness of their van. Hope is what gives them such brilliance, and it makes Yunho uncomfortable. He turns his head away to watch the tail lights zoom by.

Jaejoong pulls away slightly, and the chill makes Yunho shiver.

Yunho wants very badly to make Jaejoong happy.

But they both now know that he will fail.
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