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I've been giving it some thought and I decided to friend-lock some of my older stuff. Some the writing and plots are kind of shaky and I'd feel better having all that accessible to every random Joe Shmoe on the interwebz. Story PDF download pages will be friend-locked as well. If I ever get off my ass and get around to creating those pages. OTL

Will anyone care? Probably not. D=
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Rating: G to R (...maybe.)
Summary: Christmas carols and nightmare inducing souvenirs: There's nothing like Christmas with Shawn and Lassiter. Twelve Christmas songs and 12 Christmas drabbles. Have a happy holiday!
Warning: Canon-established relationships? Just a minor inconvenience. Drabbles are not interconnected, so feel free to skip around. Songs open in new window.
Disclaimer: Psych and all related characters are the property of USA Networks and a bunch of other people in suits. Please don't sue.

Twelve stories of Santa Barbara's head detective and his favorite psychic as they celebrate the holiday season.  )
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...And she's bringing fics. I'm doing a 12 Days of Christmas Drabble Series for both Psych (Shasshie) and TVXQ (multiple pairings). Here's the calendar of days and themes.

Calendar under the cut! )
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I have some requests/posts I'm working on that are taking longer to write than I had originally planned. I just want to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten anything; I'm just sort of ... overwhelmed. So, here's my to do list as I know it:
  1. Hurt/comfort multi-chaptered Shassie fic for prompt
  2. Marriage oneshot Shassie fic for Miri from FF.net
  3. Post-lawsuit YunJae essay (part I is finished; part II is taking a bit longer)
  4. Crack! Shassie fic for me ... because I love crack!
One and three have already been started, so please bear with me. Thanks! *insert smiley/goofy emoticon here*
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For anyone who checks my journal frequently (who am I kidding? If there's anyone who checks my journal frequently), it will be undergoing some changes. I hope the have the following all sorted out by the time it's through.
  • A title. As you may or may not have noticed, this journal has been renamed 3,276,534 times. I just can't find that perfect name. I'm not too fond of the current title; it's too close to Pretty Little Liars, which I don't even watch.
  • Tags. All fic entries will be required to be tagged by fandom, pairing, rating, genre and post type (I.e. announcement, drabble, challenge, etc.). Cause, I'm OCD enough to be bothered by my own lack of organization.
  • Appearance. I'm rather competent with HTML, so there's no excuse for my lackluster journal design. This will take the most time, I know.
I also know I have a nice backlog of fics I want to write. For my own information, I'll list them here:
  • Shawn/Lassiter anniversary sequel fic.
  • iPod drabble inspired fics (Under the Sea, Monster, One More Try, Smooth Criminal, You Make Me Feel So Young)
  • Chapter two of Shawn/Lassiter multi-chapter murder fic
  • Shawn/Lassiter crack! children sequel fic
  • Chapter one of Shawn/Lassiter multi-chapter fic dealing with Carlton's epic crush
  • Lassiter/Jules BFF-ery fic
Whoa...I didn't realize my to do list was so long. Better get to typing.
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Master Fic List
All links open in a new window
List of my fics organized by fandom and length )
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In an attempt to strengthen my writing muscle, I've decided to try and tackle requests for fanfic.

Want your own fic? Here's what to do: )


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