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Pardon my spamming of your Friends list. It should only be a day or two.
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I'm gonna need a story about Lassiter tutoring Shawn about police basics (i.e. frisking, secure holds, shooting, etc.) Cadet Shawn interacting with Lassie is all sorts of adorable. 
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It's the end of the year and time for some reflection. I stole this meme from the first result of "new year's fic meme" on Google.

I don't expect anyone to respond, but if you leave a comment, I'd be forever grateful! One story/series/line/whatever you liked, one thing you'd like to see more of and one area you think I could improve in. Thanks in advance. =)

I'm very critical of my writing. )
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I'm thinking no one would mind if I put the Shassie holiday drabbles on hold to write another chapter of "The Hours That Are Passed," right? 'Cause now that I've got that chapter out, that fic won't stop hitting me over the head and yelling to be written.
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This is one of my more productive weekends. I'm on a writing roll. Barring some kind of major event at home, I will get chapter 4 of "The Hours That Are Passed" up this weekend.

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Or an Amazon Kindle fire. Something that can browse the web and has a color screen. The majority of what I do online is reading (news, blogs, fanfic) and I think a color tablet/e-reader would be a lot more convenient than my laptop. 

I haven't heard much about the online capabilities of these things, though. Are they good for reading online stuff? Or should I just stick to lounging on the couch with my laptop and powerpack?
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I am seriously considering moving my journal and all of my fics to WordPress. It's been a couple months since LJ rolled out this new editor and it's still a big pain in the ass.

I'm afraid to write anything—don't even get me started on editing—because this damn platform has eaten whole posts alread. My master fic list? Gone. My 100 fic table? Gone.

I really don't need this. LJ, get off your ass and fix your problematic code.
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I'm going to stop giving excuses for when I disappear from LJ for an extended period of time simply because I think people are tired of reading them. Just know, I never disappear because I want to/am too lazy to write or respond/am over LJ/Psych/TVXQ/whatever fandom. My real world life is just a stressful one as of late. =/

The YunJae manifesto photos and other Photobucket photos WILL BE back...just not until Sept. 30/Oct. 1. I'm so poor right now I'm grocery shopping with my web money. *creys*

I'm currently trying to outline and crank out the next three or four chapters of "The Hours That Are Passed." I don't like writing without a map.

And finally, I still want to make those YunJae (OT5) plushies. And I'm dangerously close to doing it. Somebody stop me!

That's my life. How's yours? =)

Oh! And this blog has a sister Tumblr now. I like some of the writing challenges I've seen floating around there and the Tumblr fans are crazy active. I'm excited. Follow me?
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Potential employer: So, tell us some of the things you like to do in your free time.

Me (thinking): Oh shit. Don't say reading fanfiction. Don't say writing fanfiction. Don't say the word "fanfiction" at all. Pretend to be normal. For the sake of our rent check, PRETEND to be normal!!!

Me: I like ... the Internet. You know, doing stuff on the Internet.

Potential employer:

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It's done! It's done! Thank the Lord, I've finally finished the post-lawsuit YunJae essay! This post has been hanging over my head for months; I felt like a failure of a fangirl.
I'll probably still go back and nitpick the posts, but they're up and ready to be read. I'm gonna go faint now.
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I want to sew hugging YunJae plushies with tiny magnets in their hands that keep them together.


And if that works out, plushie YooSuMin will follow soon after. (OT5, word.)

(Whoa...Three posts and three days. I don't think this journal's ever been this active.)
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I'm going to attempt to finish up my YunJae post-lawsuit essay and have it ready to post by Friday (at the latest). Part I has been written and just needs pics; part II needs to be finished (text-wise) and stills needs pics.

Pray for me, peeps.
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Wheeee! This has been a great fan month. I finished two big writing projects. First, my very first essay, "I Never Let Go: A YunJae Manifesto." This was a great deal of fun to write, but it took about four months to pull together. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, though, and I plan to do a post-lawsuit sequel. That one will be infinitely more difficult. YunJae is complex enough. YunJae plus a law suit is just mind boggling.

And tonight I finished my first chaptered fanfic, "Love is Blind (But Lasik is Cheap)." I'm glad I've got it done. It's kind of a relief; I didn't want it to become one of those multi-part stories that never end. Now I can go back to writing one-shots with no point. I feel slightly guilty for writing it on a Saturday night, though. Being whacked out on allergy medication is horrible for my social life, but it seems that it's been great for my fan life. Next week I'm going to a night club. I promise.

Future for Pazz_and_jop consists of manifestos and one-shots. I'm excited. How about y'all?
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Remember this day: Almost a year and a half after joining LiveJournal and I finally learned how to get individual entries to appear without the journal style (i.e. on a plain white background). Yes, I am a LJ idiot.

(This post is a test. Feel free to ignore)
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I'm so fucking frustrated that I have no one around to talk to.
I'm mad I have no other place to post this than on Live Journal, because I had to go and attach my real name every place else (Twitter, Word Press/personal website, Facebook).
I'm discouraged that I've completed nearly two dozen job applications and gotten barely a word back.
I'm depressed because all of my family and friends are at least eight hours away.
I'm disgusted by this city, the lack of anything in it and the rude people who live here. I want to get out of this place so badly, but nothing I do works. I didn't get enough grant money to be able to afford to go back and get my masters. I can't get anybody to contact me back after applying to jobs. And I can't figure out if it's worse to be unemployed and live in a city I can actually stand than it is to stay employed in a city that makes me feel so awful. I'm sick of this job. I'm sick of living in a city that always stinks. I'm sick of the lax attitude my co-workers seem to have about the job.
I'm so tired of scouring job boards and websites for a damn job opportunity.
I'm sad that I probably won't be able to do NaNoWrMon because I'm so busy writing stupid cover letters and letters of inquiry. I haven't written anything in over two months because I have no motivation because I'm so angry by my situation.
And I have absolutely no idea what to do about any of it. I can't move back in with my mother, no matter what she says. And I have to stay employed; I have too many bills. I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels and going absolutely no where. I cannot tolerate the idea of another year here, but it seems inevitable.
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I just spent two weeks trying to figure out how to change the style of my journal only to learn I had downloaded the wrong theme. I is dumb.

I'd like tweak it a little more, but you have to pay. I already pay for internet space, at www.myrealnamehere.com. I'm not paying for something on LJ's servers. =/ Oh well.


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